caboose to be distributed by Rutgers University Press.
A mammoth new collection of writings by André Bazin, available from Rutgers. Includes a major essay by Jacques Aumont and a glossary of Bazin’s terms. Read samples!
Jean-Luc Godard’s Introduction to a True True History of Cinema and Television forthcoming in hardcover, available from Rutgers. Read a sample chapter.

Theory and Practice

Critical editions of historical and contemporary writings by filmmakers and critics who probe film theory and practice from their own unique vantage point.

Planetary Projections

A collaborative web project mapping film projection onto world cinema. Profiles of projectionists working in every corner of the globe — you can help us find them!

Reading with Filmmakers

Fascinating glimpses of what major filmmakers read and how it affected their films and ideas. Browse through the books and thoughts of our time from a cinematic perspective.

Kino Agora

Innovative short essays by leading authors on topics in film history and theory which blaze new trails in academic writing. A new form of dialogue on the issues in film studies today.

Critical Filmographies of World Cinema

The ultimate world cinema reference series—in-depth critical discussion of the world’s most important films in their social, cultural and production contexts.