Out now: expanded André Bazin: Selected Writings, bound + electronic editions

A new edition of the most comprehensive English-language collection
of the major texts in a renowned translation and critical edition

This is André Bazin like you have never read him before. Yes, it’s here, the revised and expanded (and stunningly beautiful and well-made!) André Bazin: Selected Writings 1943–1958, a mammoth 533-page volume containing 28 of Bazin’s most important texts, totalling some 150,000 words, with a major introductory essay by France’s preeminent film theorist, Jacques Aumont, and annotations and extensive glossary essays by translator Timothy Barnard. This new edition adds two new Bazin texts (on mise en scène and adaptations) and a glossary essay on mise en scène to the original edition of 2018.

Martin Lefebvre of Concordia University, describing this volume as “an essential document for every serious film studies library”, says of it that it is a “unique translation [which] is a must-have for every film scholar working in English. It represents a massive and vital undertaking that, for the first time, brings together key essays by Bazin, many of which were previously unavailable in English—and it does so by going back to the original French versions rather than the edited and revised ones that circulated after Bazin’s death! Attention to details as well as an introductory essay by major French film scholar Jacques Aumont add to the excellent translations. This collection is simply the best access to Bazin’s work that currently exists in English”.

For copyright reasons, no other English-language edition has been able to bring together all the major texts in the way the caboose volume has, covering every year of Bazin’s career and all his major interests.

Bazin is available in an electronic library edition from the Proquest platform and as a sewn paperback with a stiff card cover (for individuals only) and as a sewn hardcover.

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Individuals and libraries: do not delay! The recent ratification of the new North American trade agreement means that for copyright reasons this book will be removed from the market by law sometime in the coming months, until 2029. Until then, this is your last and only chance to own this monumental volume. For these same copyright reasons sales are currently limited to Canada, Japan, China, India, Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand and a few other countries around the world. The book can not be sold in the U.S.A., the U.K., the EU or Australia.

The volume includes brilliant essays, in sparkling translations, on major filmmakers of the classical film period, including Renoir, Welles, Chaplin, Bresson, Malraux and Wyler; essays on film and the other arts—literature, painting, theatre; the famous essay on Italian neo-realism; essays on documentary and science film; comedy; film language and mise en scène; film history; and the ‘politique des auteurs’ and the role of the critic. The volume’s new translations of these texts re-assert Bazin’s status as the pre-eminent film critic and theorist of all time. Each essay is extensively annotated by the translator, situating the man and his work in the cultural and social climate of post-war France.

André Bazin: Selected Writings 1943–1958
Revised and expanded second edition. 6 x 9 in., 533 pp., index.
Cloth boards, sewn binding, ISBN 978-1-927852-13-2, $140 CAD.
Paperback, sewn binding, ISBN 978-1-927852-27-9, $80 CAD.
PDF, ISBN 978-1-927852-28-6.